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Judo and taekwondo competitions and the roller hockey finals were held at the Palau Blaugrana, an indoor sports arena belonging to FC Barcelona. The facility had already been brought up to the required standard to hold high-level competitions. The Organising Committee for the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games (COOB’92) and FC Barcelona entered into an agreement that included the use of both the Palau Blaugrana and the Palau de Gel (an indoor ice rink) because, even though both buildings were connected, events could be held independently in each one.

Advantage was taken of the Olympic date to remodel the changing rooms and toilets of the Palau de Gel, and the flooring, climate control system and public address system of the Palau Blaugrana. The works were fully funded by COOB’92. The Palau Blaugrana was the main venue for competitions. In sporting terms, this meant that it was one of the most multi-purpose facilities of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. The Palau de Gel was used as an area for training, office space and logistics support in general. Designed by the architects Josep Soteras and Francesc Cavaller, the architectural complex was opened in 1971. It is still the headquarters for Barça’s first basketball, handball, roller skating and futsal teams’ games and training.

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Instal·lacions de competició = Instalaciones de competición = Installation compétition = Competition facilities

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