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Barcelona’92 collection

Holds the official archives of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, resulting from the activity of the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games, COOB’92, and other institutions involved in organizing the event, and bibliography generated through independent research on the Games.

The collection consists of 2,000 books, 13 journal titles, 6407 videos, 240,600 photos, 45 ml. of press releases, 6 ml of grey literature, 11,929 boxes of administrative documents and 30,103 maps and plans.
It is located in the Archive Municipal Barcelona –administrative, maps and photographic collection–, the Barcelona Olympic Foundation –bibliography and audiovisual collection–, and the Centre for Olympic Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona –bibliographic and research collection. If you are interested in the collection hold in each institution, please contact with them directly.


Samaranch collection

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, donated a section of his personal library on sport and Olympism to the Barcelona Olympic Foundation. This important collection has been complemented by works on his life and person.

The Samaranch collection comprises approximately 5,000 volumes of books and magazines gathered along his life from different sources. Most of the collection is dedicated to all areas the sport, but especially to that related with Olympism and the history of sport.

Regarding the Olympic Movement, books deal with the history of the Olympic Games, the official reports since the first edition of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, the IOC Sessions and biographies of IOC Presidents amongst others.

Regarding the history of sport, the collection includes a very diverse selection of book published during different periods, authors and sport disciplines. Books devoted to Catalan, Spanish and international sport clubs, as well as federations. Finally, the collection also includes books related to sport such as photography, art, cinema, design, sociology and communication. Contact with the Barcelona Olympic Foundation to get more information on the collection.

The IOC Historical Archives hold the Juan Antonio Samaranch collection on his professional activities within the IOC as an IOC member (elected in 1966), as President (1980-2001) then as Honorary President (2001-2010), as well as his personal life and involvement in other activities. To obtain more information on this collection, consult the fonds list produced by the Archive. For further information, please contact the IOC Olympic studies Centre.