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The presence of the over 20.000 people who make up the Paralympic Family and who would be staying in Barcelona for 19 days, from 28 August to 15 September, made it necessary to undertake a complex operation which had to be both diverse an precise. The Paralympic Family were coming to take part in an event which required continous travel from one place to another, the provision of suitable living accommodation and sports venuesinformation and communication facilities, collective and personalised services and, in general, all the necessary conditions for the successful organisation of an event of such importance.

In supplying these needs, the organisation had to take into account the special characteristics of many members of the Paralympic Family. It was therefore indispensable that infrastructures, spaces and services should be both multi-purpose and adapted to these characteristics, so as to make conditions adquate to the needs of those attending. All necesary resources were provided: transporthealth careinformation and courtesy services, cateringaccommodationtelephone services and cultural activities.

The Paralympic Village
The Paralympic Family used half of the almost 2.000 flats which formed the Olympic Village. Adapted to the requirements of wheelchair users (a total of 1.253), these dwellings were all on the lower floors of the buildings. Their most notable features concerned the increased width of doorways to allow wheelchairs to enter easily, more easily-managed door handles and, above all, in the bathrooms, where taps with just one handle were installed, as well as a number of bars and handles to aid the athletes’ mobility. The lifts in the buildings were also adapted, being made wider and equipped with information in braille on control panels. These panels were also placed lower down.

An additional service was provided for the blind (614 people) in the form of remote-controlled automatic guides at the corners of some of the buildings, allowing them to orient themselves easily.

(Text taken from the Official Report of the Barcelona ’92 IX Paralympic Games)

Selected resources

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