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Barcelona Olímpica embraces the collections and documentary services offered by the Olympic and Sport Studies Centre at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (CEO-UAB), the Barcelona Olympic Foundation (FBO) and the Municipal Archives of Barcelona (AMB) on the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games and on the Olympics and sports in the city.


The Barcelona Olympic Foundation, created in 1993, is directed by a board of trustees formed by the Barcelona City Council, the Sports High Council, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Generalitat of Catalonia. The Foundation’s mission is to spread the reality of the 1992 Olympic Games as well as to investigate and promote the cultural, ethical, sporting or any kind values arising out of the Olympic ideals.

In disseminating this collection not only has a vital importance the legacy of the Games, but the figure of Juan Antonio Samaranch. This is why the Foundation created the Centre for Olympic Studies and Sport that bears his name. There is hosted all the personal library of the former President of the International Olympic Committee, which contains the official Olympic reports and documentation from various organizations, sports clubs and associations in Catalonia, the Olympic and sporting stamps collection and his personal press releases.

In addition to these two collections, the Centre for Olympic Studies and Sport Juan Antonio Samaranch is a reference in the history of Olympism and sport. It has a library of approximately 10000 volumes distributed in different collections. At the same time, it organizes various training and cultural activities that have history as a common thread. In addition, the center has all the audiovisual bank of images and videos and in particular a film archive of sports themes. The Center is located at Santa Madrona, 28 (Font del Gat).

University research center promoted in 1989 by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and participated by the Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council, the City of Barcelona and the Spanish Olympic Committee. Since 1995, holds a collaboration agreement with the International Olympic Committee through the International Chair in Olympism (IOC-UAB).

The Centre is dedicated to scientific research, university training and documentation on the Olympics and sports, particularly the Barcelona’92 Games. Since its creation, holds a documentation service that manages a collection of over 5,000 monographs, 77 active journals, 725 videos, posters, photographs and CD-ROMs on the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games, the Olympic Movement and Olympic Games in general, as well as the sporting phenomenon from the perspective of social sciences. Provides reference and loan services, and research stays for researchers.

The Centre manages the Olympic Studies Portal, an information resource on the Olympics aimed mainly at international university community.

The Municipal Archives of Barcelona manages and maintains, under the transfer agreement signed in 1992, the documentation produced by HOLSA (Barcelona Olympic Holding, SA) and its subsidiaries IMPUSA (Institut Municipal de Promoció Urbanística), AOMSA (Anella Olímpica Montjuïc) and VOSA (Vil·la Olímpica SA) and the documentation generated by Cultural Olympiad (OCSA). In 1993 the Municipal Archives also received the documents generated by the Organising Committee of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games, according to the agreement ratified in 2007 with the final transfer of the entire collection.

The photographic documents are available in the Photographic Archive of Barcelona, while the textual information is preserved in the Municipal Contemporary Archives. In general it consists of administrative documentation related to the infrastructure works and the construction of facilities related to the Olympic Games, as well as its organization and development, between 1993 and 1985.

Thematically it refers to the transformation of the Olympic city areas: Montjuïc, Vall d’Hebron, Poblenou Diagonal, Meridiana, Glories, Rondas, and cultural and sporting events related to the Games.