Official report of the Games of the XXV Olympiad : Barcelona 1992. V.4. The Games : sixteen days in summer

COOB’92 (1992): Official report of the Games of the XXV Olympiad : Barcelona 1992. V.4. The Games : sixteen days in summer. Barcelona : COOB’92.

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“This fourth volume of the Official Report of the Games of the XXV Olympiad Barcelona 1992 covers all the events which took place between 25 July and 9 August 1992, the result of the years of effort and work preparing and organising, which have been chronicled in the previous volumes.

No account of what happened over those two weeks would be complete unless it started from the beginning of the final countdown at the lighting of the flame in Greece, its journey to Catalonia and its itinerary around Spain. As it passed, the torch was greeted by an outburst of unanimous popular enthusiasm for the Games. But most of the information contained in these pages inevitably refers to the sporting part of this great event: one by one, the competitions in the twenty-five sports on the official programme and the three demonstration sports are described and there are a number of tables to supply the reader with all the facts and figures about participation, final results and other important aspects.

Not only did the city dress up in its finery to do honour to the thousands of visitors who flocked to Barcelona (and the fifteen subsites); it dispensed hospitality and festive spirit to make the sporting occasion a model of conviviality and friendship. The spontaneous demonstrations of that open, plural and generous character were in perfect harmony with the broad range of cultural events which enriched the valuable heritage of Barcelona and Catalonia with history and art exhibitions, theatre, music and dance, organised by the Cultural Olympiad.

Moreover, the organisation provided many services around the competitions for the Olympic Family, from accommodation or transport for the competitors, officials, judges, journalists, VIPs and guests to
catering or the infrastructures required by the press and broadcasters so that they could report on the event in the best possible conditions, via security, accreditations, medical services and many others.
The book which you have before you is a faithful, objective and —why not?— impassioned chronicle of the whole range of elements which helped to make those sixteen summer days in 1992 an enduring part of the collective memory of a city and a country.”

Fragment taken from the editorial note to the volume, written by Roma Cuyàs i Sol, Director of the Official Report.

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