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As specified in the Olympic rules, anti-doping control units were set up at every competition venue during the XXVth Olympiad. In total, there were five cases of athletes that tested positive in anti-doping controls, four of whom were competitors in athletics events.

In fact, there were 274 anti-doping tests specifically for athletics events, most of which were conducted randomly. As a general rule, an anti-doping test is conducted on the winner and three runners-up of each athletics event. However, in the relay, just one member of the winning team and of the three runners-up was chosen unless a world record had been beaten, in which case every member of the team was tested.

Three of the positive cases were detected in athletes that had come fourth in their respective competitions: the Unified Team representative Madina Biktaguirova in the marathon, the American Jud Logan in the hammer throw and the Lithuanian Nijole Medvedeva in the long jump. All of them were stripped of their titles. The randomly selected athletes who tested positive were the American athlete Bonnie Dan and the Chinese Dan Wu from the Chinese volleyball team. Anti-doping controls were carried out by the General Medical Services based in the main building of the Red Cross in Barcelona.

Selected resources

Manual dels assistents del control del dopatge

COOB’92 (199-?) : Manual dels assistents del control del dopatge. Barcelona: COOB’92

Drug formulary for the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games

COOB’92 (1991?) : Drug formulary for the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games = formulaire pharmaceutique pour les Jeux Olympiques de Barcelone 92. Barcelona : COOB’92. Divisió d’Atenció a la Família Olímpica

Antidoping laboratory : report of activities

Antidoping laboratory : report of activities : Games of the XXV Olympiad Barcelona’92 : (report: IMIM/FT/DOPING/JJOO/1/1.2) . Barcelona : Institut Municipal d’Investigació Mèdica, 1992.

Guia farmacològica = Guía farmacológica

COOB’92 (1992) : Guia farmacològica = Guía farmacológica. Barcelona: COOB’92. 8478682112

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