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At the Barcelona’’92 Olympics Games, income from ticket sales totalled almost €57€ million (9.45 billion Pesetas). This was a success bearing in mind that the initial forecast made by the Organising Committee nine years earlier was €14.7 million (2.45 billion Pesetas).

Tickets were sold in four consecutive stages, until reaching a total of 1,756,798 tickets. This figure was attainable because of an available infrastructure of 4.8 million spectator spaces, of which 10% had been allocated to the Olympic Family.

Ticket orders placed in the first stage were put into a draw held in July 1991 to allocate the best seats. It was not until April 1992 that the tickets were printed and made available for delivery; some were collected from points of sale while others were sent directly to the buyers.

Under contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it was agreed that the ticket prices should be reasonably low. As a result, the cheapest tickets —€4.51 (750 Pesetas)— were for some of the preliminary stages of certain sports, while the most expensive —€54 (9,000 Pesetas)— were for the basketball final. Of course, this excludes the most expensive tickets —€276 (46,000 Pesetas)— for the opening and closing ceremonies. A total of 2,600 points of sale were set up across Spain, and an IT system provided by one of the sponsors was available to centralise the transactions and prevent any duplication.


Selected resources

Memoria oficial de los Juegos de la XXVa Olimpíada : Barcelona 1992. Vol. 2. Los medios

COOB’92 (1992): Memoria oficial de los Juegos de la XXVa Olimpíada : Barcelona 1992. Vol. 2. Los medios. Barcelona : COOB’92.

Informació sobre la venda d’entrades: Jocs Olímpics de Barcelona 1992

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