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Alongside sponsorship, television broadcast rights were one of the main sources of income for the XXVth Olympiad. With this in mind, COOB’’92 (Organising Committee for the Barcelona Olympic Games) set about ensuring a proper distribution of the international signal to all networks that purchased broadcast rights, as well as providing the necessary infrastructure for everyone working on the media coverage of the Olympic Games.

The contract signed in Lausanne specified that the initial 20% of fees had to be paid in cash, and that contributions in kind (services) would be allocated to RTO’’92, the body in charge of producing the international signal during the Barcelona’’92 Olympic Games.

Contracts were negotiated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and COOB’’92 on the one hand, and by networks and associations on the other. The final figure obtained was $635 million, $200 million more than for the XXIVth Olympiad. Almost two-thirds of the income (63%) was obtained from the American market. In this case, it was NBC that managed to purchase the broadcast rights for $401 million. In Europe, it was the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which paid $90 million. It was through the Broadcasting Olympic Japan Pool (BOJP), which had been created for the Seoul Games in conjunction with other Asian networks, that Japan managed to purchase broadcast rights for $62.5 million.

Selected resources

Memoria oficial de los Juegos de la XXVa Olimpíada : Barcelona 1992. Vol. 2. Los medios

COOB’92 (1992): Memoria oficial de los Juegos de la XXVa Olimpíada : Barcelona 1992. Vol. 2. Los medios. Barcelona : COOB’92.

Television in the Olympics


Moragas Spa, Miquel de.; Nancy K. Rivenburgh, James F. Larson (1995) : Television in the Olympics. London [etc.] : John Libbey. 0861965388

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