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Research projects undertaken by the CEO-UAB cover a number of different areas of sport and the Olympic Games, particularly from a social sciences perspective. Its main long term research lines are in the areas of: communication, sport and the Olympic Games; impact and legacy of the Olympic Games, in particular Barcelona’92; and the role of sport in society.

  • Consultancy. CEO-UAB team has provided consultancy services for sport and Olympic actors, such as the design of sport policy in the city of Barcelona; the academic strategy of the International Olympic Committee, or the contents design for the Olympic Museum Lausanne’s media exhibitions.
  • PhD support. CEO-UAB provides a program to support PhD students undertaking post-graduate studies at the UAB in the field of Olympic studies, and particularly in the priority lines of research of the CEO-UAB. The program is open to all PhD students that have officially registered their research at a UAB department.
  • Research stages. CEO-UAB offers researchers the chance to undertake research periods at the UAB through inter-university cooperation programmes or at an individual’s request.
  • Networked activity. CEO-UAB has developed an important research network thought its activity. It has been partner institution in two European-funded Leonardo DaVinci projects, and in many international projects, in particular related to universities in Olympic host cities.