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El llegat simbólic de Barcelona 1992, vint-i-cinc anys després

Miquel de Moragas Spa reflexiona, con veinticinco años de perspectiva, sobre un aspecto singular del legado de Barcelona’92, su legado simbólico: ideas, iconos, contenidos, estados de opinión, que acaban construyendo la memoria del acontecimiento. Analiza tanto el llegado tangible (urbanismo, instalaciones), como el llegado intangible (imagen, interpretaciones, memoria), para establecer que, en realidad, el llegado es el resultado de un conjunto de interferencias. Y Barcelona’92 tiene una metáfora que lo explica: “Abrir la ciudad al mar”.

El Estadio Olímpico: símbolo de Barcelona'92

COOB’92 (1989): El Estadio Olímpico: símbolo de Barcelona’92. Barcelona: COOB’92. ISBN 8478680039.

Mosaic olímpic: Recerca multidisciplinar i difusió dels estudis olímpics. CEO-UAB: 20 anys

Fernández Peña, Emilio; Berta Cerezuela; Miquel Gómez Benosa; Chris Kennett; Miquel de Moragas Spà (2011): Mosaic olímpic: Recerca multidisciplinar i difusió dels estudis olímpics. CEO-UAB: 20 anys. Barcelona : Centre d’Estudis Olímpics, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Ajuntament de Barcelona. ISBN 978-84-9850-312-8 (Ajuntament de Barcelona); 978-84-938759-0-9 (CEO-UAB)


Mosaic olímpic tackles Olympic studies from the wealth and interconnection of the different phenomena that constitute them: media and the new media, economics, legacy, gender, information management, Olympic urban planning, the role of the volunteers or the cultural programs, among others. The book also provides a new retrospective vision of the importance of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games that has conditioned the organizational, management and global projection models of future editions of the Games, in a key way. This vision acquires new validity with the celebration of the 20 anniversary of the Olympic Games of Barcelona’92 and the pre-candidature of Barcelona-Pyrenees for the 2022 Winter Games that will inherit its legacy elements.

Mosaic olímpic represents a nexus between CEO-UAB’s past, present and future. It considers the centre’s main academic contributions to the study and dissemination of Olympism thus far, and projects the centre into the future through new research interests, tools and methods of disseminating areas of knowledge already generated. Originally innovative, these areas of knowledge have stood the test of time and are subject to constant renewal. In more than 200 pages, Mosaic olímpic comprises 18 contributions of 16 researchers and collaborators of CEO-UAB throughout its first 20 years of trajectory, and the testimonies of 15 international academic collaborators that show the international projection and recognition to the research work and diffusion of the CEO-UAB in the field of the Olympic studies.

Mosaic olímpic has been published in Catalan, Spanish and English. The book, in its three language versions, has been co-published by CEO-UAB and the Barcelona City Council, and produced thanks to the support of the institutions that form the centre: Autonomous University of Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council and the Spanish Olympic Committee

Barcelona: l’herència dels Jocs (1992-2002)

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Miquel de Moragas; Miquel Botella (eds.) (2002): Barcelona: l’herència dels Jocs (1992-2002). Barcelona: Centre d’Estudis Olímpics (UAB), Ajuntament de Barcelona, Editorial Planeta.